We help banks, lenders and brokers in customer acquisition

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We generate high-quality leads for banks, lenders and loan brokers.

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We acquire high-quality customers through our online lead generation funnels in Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Spain, Germany and Poland.


Measurable and trackable results with ROI. Pay for the actual results.


We utilize data and different marketing technologies efficiently in all our solutions.


We are a professional and agile partner with years of experience in online campaigns.

Measurable and trackable results with ROI in mind

We work in a competitive environment where we are demanded to bring results every day. Everything we do is – and needs to be – trackable in real time. We are where the consumers are – online. Each part of the consumers journey to online purchase is covered.

We are data-driven and use content analytics, marketing automation and the social aspects of todays online businesses. Our biggest competitive advantage is our passion in what we do. We are dedicated, hard-working and not afraid to fail.

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Draivi Media in numbers

350 000

In 2017, we provided an estimate of 350.000 leads, sales or clients to our partners.

2 500 000

Over 2.5 million consumers use our services every year.

7 markets

We focus on the Nordic market, but are also expanding our network to other countries such as Spain, Germany and Poland.

4 423 000

In 2017, we made a commission of nearly 4,5 million euros with the performance-based sales provided to our partners.

Team of 9

This year Draivi is going forward with 9 digital marketing professionals.


Draivi Media Oy was found in 2012.

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We have partners throughout the Nordic Countries and Europe. Learn more about our services and become our partner.

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